[NEW] Sweepstakes & Apps!


We’ve made it easier for you to always know what sweepstakes are taking place at Perk!

Just click Sweepstakes in […]

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Get to Know Perk: Status Bar on Watch Page

Are you frequenting the Perk Watch page on your browser? If you aren’t, you could be losing out on […]

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[NEW] Perk TV is here!

Our Perk TV app is finally here and available for download in the App Store!

Earn Perk points easily by […]

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Do You Use Perk Search?

Did you know Perk has a built in search function?


Today, when you visit the Perk Search page, you’ll receive […]

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Perk Play!

Have you tried Perk games yet?


Download Perk today and start playing!

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