With multiple apps and multiple ways to earn rewards, Perk aims to be the most amazing rewards program around. As you well know, you can earn Perk Points doing everything from web searches, watching videos, unlocking your phone and taking trivia quizzes and then redeem for gift cards from over 150+ top brands.

If you’ve ever wondered how Perk Points are made possible, it’s because advertisers are willing to pay for your attention. Basically, you matter. Without advertisers, Perk wouldn’t be possible. So while we do our best to make you happy with Perk, we must do the same for our advertisers too. It’s a balancing act that is one of Perk’s primary responsibilities and we are consciously adapting the rewards program to this cause. The neat thing about this is that when advertisers are happier, they are willing to pay even more for your attention – which means we can offer you more points as a result.

An example of how we are adapting the Perk program to ensure advertisers stay satisfied is the recent update to the Perk TV app ensuring that members are still engaged when watching videos in the app. Other popular video and music services like Netflix and Pandora do this too and we followed suit. It’s a small inconvenience that goes a long way in making advertisers happy and putting rewards in your pocket.

On the flip-side, Perk’s other primary responsibility is to educate advertisers on the importance and significance of our Perkstars (you!). Without happy members donning their attention, advertisers won’t have an audience to get their brands in front of (and everybody would be skipping ads on YouTube all day long or using ad blocking services). It’s our vision that smart advertisers will see Perk as an effective platform and rewarding our users as an essential component of what the future of advertising looks like.

It’s what we call The Perk Equation and we’re glad you’re a part of making Perk the only rewards program where Paying Attention Pays!