Happy 2015! The team at Perk has been hammering away to make 2015 an even more rewarding year for our members. We’re always striving to look at innovative ways to create rewarding experiences for our members and more valuable interactions for our advertisers.

You may have noticed recently our launch of Perk TV Live. The idea behind Perk TV Live was that you, as a member, should be able to earn points while you watch TV at home. Who doesn’t like to watch hours upon hours of TV already? If we can provide you with a rewarding way to do so that allows you to engage with advertisements that reward you, and a second screen experience which is more fun and engaging, then why wouldn’t you participate? You may have noticed that you get rewarded only when there is an advertiser there ready to reward you for your attention. That is because Perk Points have a real-world dollar value associated to them, and each reward is brought to you by our advertisers and sponsors.

Perk TV is undergoing some changes as well that will more closely mimic the model of Perk TV Live. In your Perk TV app, you’ll notice that you can now earn up to 3 points per video! We at Perk want to be able to reward our members MORE when advertisers want your attention the most. Typically, demand is highest during times of the year that are based around big events, like the Super Bowl, March Madness, Back To School, Holiday season, etc. This seasonal nature of advertising means that during many times of the year, you’ll be able to earn even more than you’re earning right now!

2015 is slated to be a great year with even more apps coming to the market and improvements to all of the apps you already know and love. Our goal for this year is simple – we want to give out even more rewards than we did last year. 2014 was a record year with millions of dollars in rewards distributed to our Perkstars, but together, we want to reward our members more than ever before. After all, it’s YOU that makes up the biggest part of the Perk Equation, and why we’ll have an even more rewarding 2015.