Coconut Oil is popular for its health benefits, but it also has many practical uses outside the kitchen.  Here are 4 surprising uses for Coconut Oil:

  1. Fix Squeaky Door Hinges
    • Use coconut oil instead to get rid of any squeaky door hinges that are driving you crazy
  2. Fix Scratches in Wood
    • Rub a little coconut oil into scratches on wood pieces to restore them to as good as new
  3. Get Gum Out of Your Hair
    • Instead of grabbing for peanut butter, use coconut oil to get gum out of hair by applying a little bit to the area, then slide the gum out
  4. Moisturize Winter Hands
    • Smooth on the room temperature coconut oil to your skin for intense moisture. As a “dry” oil, it won’t leave a film of grease on your skin.


Watch this video to see 4 Practical Uses for Coconut Oil: