What Are Tokens?

Starting tomorrow tokens will be the primary way to enter Perk’s daily, weekly, and monthly Sweepstakes for BIG prizes! You can purchase Tokens in our Rewards catalog here: Rewards Catalog or in your Perk App under Rewards: Other Perks.

How to Get Tokens

Tokens are available for purchase using the Perk Points in your account. You can also earn Tokens by completing different tasks in the Perk apps, such as rating Perk TV movie trailers ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down.’

Once you have your Tokens, you can use them to enter Perk Sweepstakes here: https://search.perk.com/sweepstakes. Tokens can be used to enter Perk’s daily, weekly, and monthly sweepstakes for grand prizes such as Beats by Dre headphones, iPods, iPads, Smart Watches, Gift Cards, and much more!

The more you Perk, the more you Earn.