Viggle Points, Balances, and Conversions

Will I still be able to earn points in Viggle?

  • Yes, you will still earn points for watching TV, listening to music, and playing games, just like before. With the new version of the Viggle app, you’ll be introduced to Perk’s earning system and start earning Perk Points instead of Viggle Points. Perk allows you to earn more rewards faster, and there is no daily limit to how many Perk Points you can earn.

Do I need to create a Perk account if I don’t already have one?

  1. If you are a current Viggle user, first update your Viggle app. Log in to Viggle with your Viggle email and password, or sign in via Facebook.
  2. Once you launch the Viggle app, you will be prompted in the app to create a Perk account and transfer your current Viggle balance.
  3. If you already have a Perk account, you will be prompted in the app to transfer your Viggle balance to your Perk account. If the email address you use for Perk is different than the one you use for Viggle, you will be able to update your account email to the one your prefer.

 What happens to my Viggle Balance?

  1. Your Viggle Points balance will remain active as long as you earn at least 1 Perk Point every 30 days. You have 90 days to earn your first Perk Point within Viggle or any Perk-powered apps.
  2. You must convert your Viggle Point to Perk Points in order to redeem for rewards.
  3. If your Viggle account has been inactive more than 90 days when 3.0 is launched, your Viggle point balance will expire.

What can I redeem with my Viggle Points?

  1. After you’ve converted your Viggle Points to Perk Points, you can redeem them for over 700 gift cards and prizes in the Perk Rewards catalog.
  2. You can also use your Viggle points to order Perk Plastik, Perk’s prepaid debit card powered by Discover. 

How do I convert my Viggle Points to Perk Points?

  1. When the new app launches, go to the app menu to begin converting your Viggle Points to Perk Points.
  2. You may convert up to 60,000 Viggle Points per month as long as you earn at least 1 Perk Point every 30 days. If you’d like to convert more, you must earn 1000 Perk Points for every 20,000 Viggle Points you want to convert.

 I have a high Viggle Point balance. Is there a faster way to unlock and convert them to Perk Points?

  1. Yes. For every 1,000 Perk Points you earn across any Perk-powered app, you can unlock 20,000 Viggle Points. Because there are no point caps with Perk, you can unlock as many Viggle Points as you wish each month, as long as you keep earning Perk Points.
  2. For a limited time, Viggle members with 50,000 Viggle Points or more can redeem for and order the Perk Plastik card at an 18% discount.

What is the conversion rate of Viggle Points to Perk Points?

  • 20,000 Viggle Points = 1,000 Perk Points

 How was the conversion rate calculated?

  1. We calculated the conversion rate based on the value and speed of earned Perk Points.
  2. For example, a $25 Amazon Gift Card would cost 150,000 Viggle Points but only 25,000 Perk Points. You can earn 25,000 Perk Points in as little as 10 days, sometimes less. With Viggle the earliest you’d be able to earn 150,000 Viggle Points was 13 days.
  3. Here is an illustrated example of how Perk’s earning system is more beneficial to you:

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.54.52 PM



Will the Viggle Store still be available?

  1. Once Viggle 3.0 launches, Vigglers will temporarily lose access to the downloads in their Viggle account until the Perk Entertainment Store is launched. Download and cash balances will remain safe until that time.
  2. Please save your downloads to your devices prior to the launch to avoid waiting until Perk’s Entertainment Store is accessible.
  3. To match Perk’s earning system we had to make adjustments to the cost of downloads. The redemption rate will decrease once Perk’s Entertainment store is available.

Will I be able to redeem Perk Points for TV shows and Movies?

  • We are in the process of developing Perk’s Entertainment Store. There isn’t a launch date at this time; however we will keep you posted soon with more information.

 Tell me more about the rewards I get with Perk.

  1. With Perk you get the most variety and speed of rewards of any mobile rewards program.
  2. There is no cap on the number of Perk Points you can earn each day.
  3. Perk Points can be redeemed for cash, the latest tech gadgets, and 700+ gift card brands like PayPal, Walmart, eBay, and more in the Perk Rewards catalog.
  4. Points can also be used to order Perk Plastik, Perk’s prepaid debit card powered by Discover.
  5. Perk gives out rewards 3 days a week (M, W, F).